Lisa Rude

Lisa Rude
Nia Teacher, Writer, Speech Therapist, Mom, Joyful Living Advocate, Traveler. 



Lisa Rude is passionate about creativity, play and fun.  

Lisa started to dance at age 3 and has loved it ever since. She has danced, choreographed and directed productions throughout her life, and in the last few years has brought that passion and experience to teaching Nia, where she guides her students through movement playfully yet meaningfully. Currently, Lisa has a wonderful community of movers and shakers who come to her Nia classes.  

As a writer, Lisa embraces her authenticity and digs deep to tell her stories with spunk and surprise, sadness and joy, sorrow and humor. She has written many scripts, essays and now the memoir California Girls.   

As a speech therapist, Lisa loves to work with kids to improve their communication. She engages her students by finding their passion and using it as a vehicle to learn. She has loads of experience in every possible setting and keeps up with what kids like. Lisa typically works with children in the school or the home setting. 

A firm believer in synchronicity, she met her husband at age 39, on a blind date, got married at 40 and had her two children at ages 42 and 45. Both she and her husband love to travel and visit friends all over the world. Entering her 60’s, Lisa is embracing blessings, addressing dreams that are waiting for realization, and moving forward joyfully, courageously, passionately and authentically.