Lisa Rude

California Girls
Six Decades of Life, Letters and then... Alzheimer's: A Memoir

by Lisa DeDapper & Lisa Rude


Have you ever had a best friend? Do you still talk to her? Do you wish you could?

Two Lisas meet at age 4, in 1961, in Southern California, and become instant best friends. “California Girls” Lisa D. and Lisa P. enjoy an endless sparkling summer of childhood, swimming in their aquamarine pools, pining for a pink princess phone, and watching the fireworks over Disneyland at night. They lived an idyllic life until Lisa P.’s family, shattered by divorce, moved across country to a new life in Wisconsin. That move sparked a letter-writing friendship that has stood the test of time.

Through letters, calls and summer vacation visits, the two Lisas forged a bond that now spans six decades. They have seen each other through every age and stage, from boyfriends and breakups to death and divorce—and, now, to a new kind of heartache. If you’ve ever had a childhood best friend, you will resonate with the universal joy and connection of lifelong friendship in this story. 


About the Authors

Lisa DeDapper has a bachelor of arts degree in English and psychology from the College of Idaho and a master of social work from the University of Utah. Lisa’s career highlights include serving as Director of the YMCA and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Boise, Idaho. She is a mother of an adult son and resides in Boise, where she continues to live each day with fun and curiosity.

Lisa (Poggemann) Rude has a bachelor of science degree in speech and a master of arts in speech pathology from Northwestern University. Her career includes practicing as a speech therapist, teaching Nia, and writing. Her active imagination comes in handy for all three! Lisa lives in Northbrook, Illinois, with her husband and two sons.