Joyful Living Advocate

The written word is an invaluable magnifying glass that enlarges, defines and illustrates. A journal is a collection of words,  that mirror thoughts.   You can recognize yourself!  Clarification of self helps to bring into focus the choices that you have.  You can then consider personal choices, devise intentional plans and move forward in a direction of your choosing.  As if it has come out of hiding, the path is cleared of debris. 

The rather ugly collection of weeds, rocks and junk on the side of the pathway consist ofevents, people, words, that were allowed to overwhelm and block forward movement.  These stumbling blocks resulted in an overdraft of emotional energy.   Chasing knee-jerk responses and urgently fixing all, grabbing onto anxieties, entrapping oneself in games people play, and hogging irrelevant burdens, all served to disrupt, confuse and exhaust. 

The stones on the path are beautiful, smooth, solid, strong, rounded, calm and centered.  They are intentional, powerful and authentic. The stones are plans (written in stone? ha, not really), scaffolding for my days, and ideas of what to work towards.  They are grounded.  The earth they are settled in has rich nutrients of faith, hope, love, generosity, empathy, passion, the raw bones of honesty and clear crystals of vision, pebbles that listen, and shells that can open to possibilities. 

Water flows over this path and keeps it dynamic, as it may shift some as the storms come and winds blow.   When the debris appears on the stepping stones or muddy waters obscure the path, take a moment to breathe, take time to let the mud settle, and then observe the perceived obstacle. 

I try turning it over with my foot, to see if the other side is different.  Looking at it, I may decide that it is in the way, and then get my net to scoop it out.  I can decide to leave it there because, after some consideration, I decide that its presence can enhance the path.  So I make choices, to: observe, receive, consider, flip it, get rid of it or accept.

The brook sparkles in the sun, as I gaze down at my toes, and feel the smooth coolness of the stone and refreshing nudging of the water.  I raise my eyes to see the winding of the brook ahead, and lift up to the heavenly sky, feeling the warm validation of acceptance and love.



Brigitte Parenteau