A love of dance, a dear friend and a happenstance brought me to NIA.

As I entered my 50's, I found that I was starting to get injured doing things that I had always done.  I did the elliptical and had glute pain.  I ran and had pain on the sides of my legs.  I did aerobics and my feet hurt!  

Synchronicity worked Nia into my life through a walk-in to a class held in a health club while I was on a vacation in North Carolina. Denise Medved invited me into her Nia class, and I loved it. As a speech therapist and a mom of two young boys, I could only dream about taking class in my daily life. Through the next few years I was able to squeeze in a class here and there, but life was so busy that I felt I couldn't take the time for myself.

Then, my life long best friend was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimers.  She came to visit and I took her to a Nia Class. To my surprise and delight, she loved the class. When she returned to Boise, she joined a class there and started going regularly. I traveled to visit her the next spring and we went to Nia class together at her Y.  She had told everybody there that I was going to teach.  At that point I realized that Nia was something I had to do, that life was too short, and that I desperately needed to take time for myself. When I got home, I signed up for the White Belt Training with Winalee Zeeb who has been with me every step of the way. Thank you Winalee!

I went on to study the Nia Technique with Debbie Rosas, Caroline Kohles, Laurie Bass and Helen Terry. All of this coursework has been life changing as I move forward in my Nia practice.  And, as I dance through life, I invite you to come dance with me.